My name is April L. Roberts, Principal of Aaria Disability. I am an Professional Disability Advocate and have a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies and an Executive Juris Doctor. I have proudly served on the  Ethics Committee for the National Association of Disability Representatives and truly love the work that I do.

I started my organization after helping a family member apply for disability. The frustration and bewilderment people feel during the disability process made me want to make a difference. Affordable and effective assistance for those that need it most became my mission.

I have represented claimants of Social Security Disability and Medicare around the US and have argued cases in front of Administrative Law Judges in over 50 hearing office across the country.

In my work I have found that too many Americans lack a clear understanding of the Social Security benefits and how the programs work.  What is worse is the media and politicians play on that in order to distract people from the real issues. An added mission to my work as an advocate is to educate people about their rights to disability benefits and clear up some of the misinformation out there. I am always willing to answer a question about this complicated process so never hesitate to contact me!


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